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Metrolina Paranormal Research is interested in the spiritual and scientific study of paranormal and metaphysical phenomenę.  We are not driven to either prove or disprove the events which we study.  We wish only to objectively explore the unexplained.  While a typical "ghost hunter" is interested simply in finding and experiencing a paranormal event, we are interested in understanding such phenomenę.

MPRL welcomes believers and skeptics alike.  We feel that a balance will provide us with greater objectivity.  We sometimes accept requests to examine an event or location; feel free to suggest investigations if you wish.

MPRL meets in "real time" every other Tuesday night in Charlotte North Carolina to discuss interests, explore recent reports and findings, and to plan further explorations.  We're not an RPG, cyber-group, or religious group. 

In addition to our regular meetings, we plan outings throughout Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina to investigate reports of the paranormal and to conduct experiments designed to explain what we have observed.  Some of our findings can be found on our reports page.  Some of our findings are not on the reports page because they are not "ready for prime time" yet...

"while most people believe in 'spirits'; 
those same people don't believe you and I have ever seen one..."

MPRL is an IGHS member club

Special thanks to WBTV news for considering our research... 

Special thanks to WXLV TV for considering our research

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Are you interested in a GREAT course in metaphysics?  Thought about Harvard University Extension...
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"I ain't 'fraid of no ghost"

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